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Damage to engine bearings: Overheating damage

Initial rubbing marks, seizures, edge ridings – there are many different signs of damage on engine bearings. You can read about how to identify heat cracks and fusing and what to do in our new article in the Technipedia.

Oil consumption due to leaks in the intake systems and faulty air filters

Find out why maintenance work is required on air filters, whether they can be blown out or whether they would be damaged in the process and what happens when the intake air isn’t filtered correctly in our new article in Technipedia.

Failure of secondary air pump due to jammed relay

There is a burnt smell from the engine compartment and the electrical contacts of the secondary air pump are charred. Many of these conditions indicate that the secondary air pump has failed due to overstressing. For detailed information on this...

Damage to engine bearings due to the influence of particles

Read about how foreign bodies can enter an engine bearing, when the bearing has to be replaced in the event of damage and what you need to remember during mounting in our article in the Technipedia.

Motorservice rents logistics building

Motorservice has grown significantly during the last few years. In mid-2017, the company’s Neuenstadt location reached the limit of its capacity. For that reason, as of 1 December 2017, Motorservice entered into a rental agreement with Rhein-Chemie...

New technical videos

In our two new technical videos “Fuel delivery module: Notes for installation” and “Electric fuel pumps – blocked prefilter”, you will find a clear and detailed explanation of what to do in each case.

The videos are available here:

Fuel delivery...

Three new catalogues available

We have revised the appearance and content of the catalogues “Valve Train Components and Cylinder Heads | Passenger Cars”, “Valve Train Components and Cylinder Heads | Commercial Vehicles” and “Engine bearings”.

You can view our new catalogues here.

Video: Pistons for the aftermarket

Our production site in Chabařovice (Czech Republic) is designed for small series quantities. Thanks to flexible production structures, we are able to fulfil individual customer requests in OE quality. The close proximity to the Kolbenschmidt OE plant...

Valve failure: Types and causes

Different types of damage can occur on valves. You can read about how to identify them, what causes them and what to do in our new article in the Technipedia.

Top in Down Under − hsy autoparts

Founded in 1963 as a repair shop for snowmobiles, hsy autoparts gradually developed into Australia's largest independent importing company and supplier of European automotive spare parts. You can read about the unique strategy behind this success...


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